Unchain My Heart, called "Bimbo", was born in the cattery on July 2nd 2003


Sire : Miki Sanuki's Serial Lover

Dam : Taischa du Radjasthan


At birth, Bimbo was a little tiny thing with a narrow and elongated head.


A tiny thing that was not really promising...


Despite an irregular growth curve, the tiny thing was showing an endless vitality and a voracious appetite (she quickly understood that the feeding bottle was a good way to eat without putting in too many efforts).


Aged 3 weeks old hardly, I found her with the nose in her motherís dry-food (without giving up the feeding bottle however :-)


At around 2 months old, Bimbo finally took some weight, her head enlarged and her flanks rounded out.


She has not lost her cheerful temperament for all that. But as for grace and distinction, youíve got a hope :-)


Particular feature : a troublesome tendency to move with hindquarters vacantly into space, while agitating her tail raised, doing small sideways jumps and glancing over her shoulder as if she wanted to get sure of the effect produced :-)


Although she was born at home, I would not have the pretension to believe she has a perfect type, but difficult anyway to resist to her outgoing and really endearing personality :-)



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