Welcome on the site dedicated to my Naturists !

Sphynx is a small cattery exclusively dedicated to only one breed : The Sphynx.

TICA, CFA and LOOF registered Cattery, its goal is to participate to the
breed improvement, through a rigorous selection of breeders cats and bloodlines, through a perfect knowledge of the sphynx, of his origins and of his standard, in order to get perfectly naked kittens, well typed, without genetics defects, perfectly socialized and in good health. 


Darkness Sphynx is a family breeding, registered with the French veterinary services.

I do not keep my little aliens in cage, nor in specific and separated rooms, they run and play in liberty at home, livening up my home with their games and by clowning around.
The kittens (2 litters a year at most) are raised inside our home, for a perfect socialization, respecting basic hygienic conditions.


I hope through these web pages that you will capture and share some of the love and passion I feel for the sphynx. I also hope to make you appreciate it and want to know it better.


I wish you then a pleasant visit on this site and should you have any questions, do not hesitate, I will answer you with pleasure.



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