Purchasers shall commit to give them the care they are used to (no wandering in the streets, veterinary care, high quality food, toys, attention, and of course, affection)


Kittens sold for « company » leave neutered. They are neutered from 3 months old. They live the cattery at 4 months old.


Kittens for mating are sold only in the framework of a breeding plan for the improvement of the breed. A contract will be drawn up.


I ask the purchasers to keep me informed of the kittens development, to give me some news, to inform me if they get sick, hurt themselves etc, and not to hesitate to call me for any question.


In case the purchaser has the obligation to part with its cats, I ask to be informed about it and then I can help for replacing, or take back the cat, even if quite old.


A kitten that was born at home, that I helped at birth, that I saw growing up, changing, of which I followed the personality’s development, is always a "home child". I am still interested in him after he has left.








Kittens are given the following vaccinations : Typhus - Coryza - Rabies


In order not to tire the organism of a 3-months old kitten through the injection of too many vaccinations, I prefer to postpone the FELV. I advise thus purchasers to do it when the kittens are about 6 months old.


Kittens leave with a good health certificate, drawn up by my veterinary or one of his colleague. No certificate is made without the kitten has been examined.


Kittens are dewormed.


My kittens are guaranteed against the development of a FIP, until the age of 2, through the delivery of an autopsy report.


I also offer a five-year warranty against hypertrophic cardiomiopathy, showing a Doppler color flow echography done by a cardiology graduated veterinary.


All kittens are LOOF or TICA or CFA registered, I commit to deliver the pedigree as soon as received.








  • Microchip identification

  • Their health record

  • Various accessories (toys, deworm, food samples...)

  • A detailed guidelines



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